Ethereal, Creative, Evocative

Storytelling and Beyond:

I look for magic wherever I go, so often with a camera in hand. I find magic in the wilted flower, the seascape, the leaf, and in a face. For a long time I have photographed flowers. Flowers are so much like faces. They come in so many colors and shapes, and emotion. People are complex and beautiful and unique. Everyone has a story. When creating portraits I also strive to create a story. Who are you? What makes you, you? What is your passion? What is your pain? What is your relationship/family story? What is the story you wish to tell? I go beyond that in my art as well. I seek ways to capture a feeling and sometimes it is not just the crisp, sharp representation of what someone or something looks like; it is the magic inside of it; it’s light, or sorrow. What we see is not just the physical manifestation of it; it is the emotive power of it.

About Melinda Ruby

Melinda is a Nature and Portrait Photographer based in Milwaukie, Oregon. Her style is prolific, ethereal and creative. She occasionally offers outdoor portrait sessions and home sessions. She can also turn your snapshots into digital paintings. and has a huge selection of fine art nature images as cards or other wall art and gifts.

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Taking pictures is savoring life intensely, every hundredth of a second.”

Marc Riboud