Afraid of the Blah

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Are you ever afraid of being successful?

Can you relate to the craziness of this?

I am afraid of mediocrity.  I want to shine, yet I am afraid of shining.

If I shine, people will expect me to continuously shine

and what if they find out I am actually mediocre?

I have a book I want to write, have started to write

but I am afraid I am not competent enough.

Not artistic enough.

I am afraid of being “blah” dull,  unintelligent.

The void of boring and worthless and uninteresting.

In writing books, the advice is just to write. Don’t stop.

When I photograph. I see “light” and I see the shine.

Not every time.

There is a a gem in, perhaps every 100- 500 photographs

The same with writing.

So much plainness and junk

piles of it

and sometimes a little gem.

What I write now.

What is this?

Not very beautiful.

Not very poetic.

Not yet.

When photographing, it is usually not the first picture that works.

Often the best image happens after finding the right setting that just sings.

And even then, editing can really help.

What is this?

Not a poem.

Not an essay.

Not beautiful.

Perhaps, blah.

Yet, I write anyway.

and hope that I am nearing a gem

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