Water and Light and Joy

kei splash2

Swim lessons.  I love the joy she had this year in the water.  The splashes sparkle in the light with the spark that is in her eyes.

 Originally I posted an article that is a duplicate to one on my other blog. Here is the link: http://timecapsuleeighties.blogspot.com/2015/08/damn-helicopter-label-trap.html

I am removing it because I want this blog to have a different purpose; and that article fits better with my older blog.

2 thoughts on “Water and Light and Joy

  1. Amen, sister mom! We get so much feedback from other parents, Dr’s and teachers, and not to mention, our own kids. It’s tough to navigate. I wish we could just look at another parent, in whatever form or situation, and just “high five” and send some positive thoughts!

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