Invisible Light at the Cemetery

Seeing the world of peace and the afterlife in Infrared. I used to visit a cemetery regularly as a teen.  I found peacefulness there and reverence in most people who were there with me.  It was an escape, a res bit, an oasis, a place to find quiet.  This is not "the cemetery" of my … Continue reading Invisible Light at the Cemetery

Spooky Oregon City Paper Mill Site

There is something about abandoned buildings.  I have in the past, avoided them, because they disturb me. The emotion is strong.  I avoided buying a home a few years ago that was near an old steel foundry.  They give off a strong creepy vibe. Danger. Heartlessness. Industry. Mystery. Death. Toxicity. Not in my backyard. Now, … Continue reading Spooky Oregon City Paper Mill Site

Invisible Light and Flowers

I love working with the invisible light that is Infrared!  Dreamlike quality of developing the reds and manipulating light we cannot ordinarily see. I feel like a magician and I have been given a magic wand to make what we cannot see visible.  To be a creature who can see this light and the see … Continue reading Invisible Light and Flowers