Spooky Oregon City Paper Mill Site

There is something about abandoned buildings.  I have in the past, avoided them, because they disturb me. The emotion is strong.  I avoided buying a home a few years ago that was near an old steel foundry.  They give off a strong creepy vibe. Danger. Heartlessness. Industry. Mystery. Death. Toxicity. Not in my backyard.

Now, that I am delving deeper into photography, the “emotions” that these buildings portray are also intriguing.  There are stories there. Lots of them. Ghosts of the past, cryptic lives; sadness, injustice.  That is my impression anyway.  At the same time, it sparks compelling curiosity.  I find myself wanting to peek into those windows, catch a glimmer of the ghosts that lurk.  Rats and creatures inhabiting.  A blend foreboding and mystery.  Stories yet to be written.  Who worked there?  Who died there? Who is hiding inside, still?

DSC_3981 copy


DSC_4522-2 DSC_4533-2-4 DSC_4531

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