Raindrops and Maple Leaves

The rains in the Pacific Northwest bring with them a stillness.  Contemplative, peaceful, and melancholy as the last of the leaves say farewell to their season.  The world is going to sleep; into hibernation; into their homes.  The children go inside to read, play legos, do their homework, kill time on screens, and argue inside their confinements. Some urban … Continue reading Raindrops and Maple Leaves

Astoria Column in the Fog and the Runaway Child

After photographing the Astoria-Megler Bridge, we drove to the Astoria Column. We had no expectations of a view.  The column itself was hidden in a thick fog.  There was a grassy hill that looked like it was out of a story book.  My youngest tested the waters and explored it a little bit so decided to … Continue reading Astoria Column in the Fog and the Runaway Child

History Demolition

It makes me sad that these old building will very soon disappear.  Gasco Building(1913), and Centennial Mill (1910) both built around the same time, both in the process of being demolished.  It seems they could not be saved.  Most physical things disappear eventually.  Everything is vulnerable to the forces of nature, not matter how hard … Continue reading History Demolition