History Demolition


It makes me sad that these old building will very soon disappear.  Gasco Building(1913), and Centennial Mill (1910) both built around the same time, both in the process of being demolished.  It seems they could not be saved.  Most physical things disappear eventually.  Everything is vulnerable to the forces of nature, not matter how hard we try to preserve them.

For now, they still stand, but not for much longer.  Photographs capture an essence of them, but do not replace the full experience of seeing history with our own senses. These buildings are both interesting and creepy like meeting a decaying ghost, one who is still holding on, but starting to disappear.  One that was not pure, but full of mistakes and shame.  One that many are eager to erase because of the poisons and cancers.

I can almost see spirits trapped inside, waving for help, and maybe when they are demolished those souls will be released.  Souls holding onto something dark afraid of letting go even if it means freedom.  It is all they know.

Bittersweet. The demolition of tainted history.  How the Gasco building can be both beautiful and ominous.  How we want to hold onto it lest we forget, but also may feel some relief when it is gone.

DSC_8337 DSC_8343

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