Astoria Column in the Fog and the Runaway Child

After photographing the Astoria-Megler Bridge, we drove to the Astoria Column. We had no expectations of a view.  The column itself was hidden in a thick fog.  There was a grassy hill that looked like it was out of a story book.  My youngest tested the waters and explored it a little bit so decided to try to capture her. My husband left to pay for the parking.  While I was changing my lens, she decided to bolt down the hill. Who could blame her? Those hills are a magic rolling/running down magnet.   I am nursing a possibly broken toe and I could not run after her and she would not come when I called her back, so my kids, and then husband ran after her. She got pretty far quickly as you can see in the photographs.

We then decided to climb up into the column. (sort of) I chickened out.  I have gone up there before. One time is enough for me.  The heights put me into a dizzy panic.  I prayed for the safe return of my husband and kids.  To distract myself I photographed the stairs.  I had water droplets on my lens which ruined many of the photos as they reflected the light, but even so, they still seem quite magical to me.








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