Peter Iredale Shipwreck

In 1906 The four masted steel baroque sailing vessel sailed its last.  It was on its way to the Columbia and it got stuck there.  No one was killed.  It has been sitting there decaying more each year.  Soon it will be gone entirely.

We arrived just as the tide was moving in. Next time, I want to visit it at sunset on a clear day at low tide and actually be able to touch it.

I photographed while my husband played with the kids and dogs.  We were only able to enjoy the spot for about twenty minutes before it began to really rain.  We forgot the towels to wipe off the muddy dogs and tracked in more dirt to our already muddy, dented old van.  We did remember spare clothes, though, as we were all wet.  I took many of my photographs with a rain cover for my camera which was awkward to maneuver.  Stil, I got the pictures I wanted, and the kids had a moment to run around before we packed up and headed next to Astoria.  My husband grumbled about spending more time in the car than at the beach.  I will take what I can get.







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