Early Morn Walk in the Woods


It had been a long week of my husband working late almost every night.  I was feeling the need to leave the house.  Creativity in the form of photography presently calls to me almost every day and if I have to suppress it for too long, I start to feel like I am dying inside.  I hear this magnetic vibration pulling force out into nature and adventure.  I like this feeling.  My soul feels alive in a way I have not felt since I was a teen.

Fortunately for me, the weather gave me a break from the rain, and granted me a beautiful glowing morning on a weekend, no less.  I snuck out early and went to Tryon State Park.  The light was almost perfect.  The rest of the day, I found myself better able to be present with my family, mentally and emotionally.

I wish I could start every day like that, but this was a special day; and the memory of it going right, will stay with me for awhile.

Sometimes I think that what I need is to rest, but this is something that makes me need to rest less.  It revives me in a way, no amount of sleep could.  It is ironic, that by doing something active, I am actually more rested.  It makes me feel better about life.  Look at the beauty I noticed.  Let me share it with you.





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