Portland, Oregon: Street Photography Part I

DSC_7604-2I think I will let these images speak for themselves.  A couple of months ago, I joined three other photographer friends in Portland to practice our shooting skills two of whom I had only known through facebook photography groups.  My friend, Martine, I had met 13 years ago in Corvallis, as we were both “expecting” with our first children at the time.  We had not seen each other since that time, but have re-connected through this common interest, and that of also being mothers of 3 children.
Urban photography is a lot of fun, indeed!  I find that there are so many stories in the city; the people foremost, but also the history of the buildings. Everywhere you look there is a story and they flash by so quickly; random strangers with lives, relationships, struggles and joys. And there are interactions you might not expect. You never know what is really going on, but you catch a glimpse of “something” a glimmer of their feelings, lives that are rolling on like filmstrip.  People I did not know existed before and here they are: these random people who live and exist, and experience and I have no idea..  DSC_7613DSC_7617DSC_7618DSC_7989DSC_7737DSC_7802DSC_7851DSC_7933DSC_7944DSC_7989DSC_7993DSC_8005DSC_8056DSC_8058DSC_8062DSC_8068DSC_8069

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