Slowing Down

I injured my knee.  I dislocated my kneecap and have been healing for the past two weeks.  In order to do that I have had to allow myself to “sit” a lot.  This is not easy because my pattern is to push myself as much as I can, to  fit into my day both giving to my family and feeding my own need to create.  Injuring myself is a blow to my whole way of being, but I am gradually getting better, and taking the time to reflect.  enjoying the beauty within the reach of my mobility.  It makes me think about getting older, and the slowing down processes within our bodies as they age.  It is a scary feeling, and I intend to stay as youthful as I can in this process.  I still feel as if I am sixteen inside of my skin, emotional, raw, driven, hopeful, and vulnerable.  The thought of being limited within the confines of a body that may not let me do as I wish is not comforting, and I find myself psychologically wondering how to ease my mind that there is peace in boredom.  I think there must be to some degree.  How to sit still and still find peace of mind.

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One thought on “Slowing Down

  1. Hope your knee heals well Rubyheart! Enjoy the simple pleasures. Watch the birds and squirrels in your back yard and enjoy your plants and flowers! Humming birds are out and about, so put out a feeder for them! (They like the red long narrow bell shaped flowers blooming in front of the library now.

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