Aaron and Mahshad’s Wedding

I had the incredible blessing of being able to attend the wedding of Aaron and Mahshad.  Aaron is someone I have known since "before he was born."  I first met his family when I was seventeen and they moved to my hometown in New Hampshire.  He was not yet born, but I babysat their three … Continue reading Aaron and Mahshad’s Wedding

Make A Wish: Wren’s Mermaid Block Party

Wren,  who is 10 years old has spinal muscular atrophy and it makes it difficult for her to move her legs.  Her wish was for a swim spa so she could move around, float, and stretch. She also loves mermaids.  Her wish for the spa was granted, but even more, Make a Wish partnered with Manifold … Continue reading Make A Wish: Wren’s Mermaid Block Party