Make A Wish: Wren’s Mermaid Block Party

Wren,  who is 10 years old has spinal muscular atrophy and it makes it difficult for her to move her legs.  Her wish was for a swim spa so she could move around, float, and stretch. She also loves mermaids.  Her wish for the spa was granted, but even more, Make a Wish partnered with Manifold and they threw her a block party, with the Mayor’s representative proclaiming it Mermaid Day.  I saw an announcement that they needed photographers to volunteer, and this seemed like a wonderful cause.

It was a very happy and emotional day and was very well attended.  It seems their family has a wonderful circle of friends and family who love them very much, and it touched me to see that. Rose City Raindrops synchronized swimmers performed in her little pool.  There were mermaids, face painting, art booths, and lots of food.

I was also struck by the graciousness of Wren, her humor, and her smiles.  She seems like a child with an amazing spirit.

Here are some of my favorite captures.


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