Freelensing Magic

My main camera is at Nikon having recall work done on it.  It has been away for about 3 weeks now, and I miss it, but I am less afraid of damaging my older camera  and have been pushing myself in other ways because of it.  I decided to give freelensing another go.  For those of you who do not know what this is; it is detaching the lens, setting the aperture open, and focusing to infinity, and then instead of focusing by the camera or the lens settings, you instead move the lens in a way that focuses it the way you wish.  It creates all kind of surprises.  Blur, light leaks, a slice of focus, a very narrow depth of field, tilt-shift effect, you name it!  It is tricky because the movement need only be quite subtle.  The temptations is to be dramatic and move the lens quite a bit, but I am learning more and more how to control it; even in this past day, I feel I have improved.  After yesterday, I have decided I LOVE it.  For these images, I used a deconstructed Nikon 50mm,

I will start with my favorite image from yesterday first and go backwards to earlier ones from last week.


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