Sunrise Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm

I almost didn’t go.  The forecast was clear and I knew it was going to be a brilliant sunrise, but I hestiated. I set the alarm for 4am, but I almost didn’t get up,.  I was wide awake by that point, though, and my mind was already in motion. I knew I would regret not doing it.  So, I got up, and quickly made coffee, threw on clothes and grabbed my camera bag with just my 50mm and a vintage 135.  (I mostly just used my 50 1.4)

It was amazing; epic, actually, and I hope my images at least come close to doing it justice.  Beautiful sunrise over tulip fields. Hot air balloons. Clear sky, AND..a surprise-Magical FOG!

It was my third time going there this year at sunrise, and I finally had my favorite camera back for it.  It was definitely one of the moments I am glad to have not missed.


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