Lincoln City, Oregon

A couple of weekends ago, we had a getaway coinciding with my son’s fourteenth birthday and Mother’s Day. I love that Mother’s Day often overlaps with my first child’s birthday.  My child who made me a mother in the first place.  My child who isn’t a child anymore, but a teenager!

It has been a long time since we’ve stayed overnight at the coast.  We spent two nights there in a house (because we have dogs)  a complete splurge.  I am hoping we start to do this yearly (if we can).

Waking up and seeing the ocean just outside filled me with so much peace.  There is nothing like that.  We used to do this more often.  Seeing my kids smile and laugh.  Being out on the beach as the sunset and experiencing the glow illuminating my husband and youngest.  Two surprise rainbows on the eve of my son’s birthday.  Seals swimming out in front of us. I think we needed that trip.


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