Total Solar Eclipse Weekend

Ok, I am very far behind in my blogging.  This was several months ago now, but a very memorable weekend.  We stayed with some friends in Bend.  We left their home the night before to find a spot where we would experience 2 minutes of totality.  The Milky Way was spectacular. We slept in our car (if you could call it sleep).   The blare of headlights flashed past all night long!  We had a little tent/potty outside and plenty of food.  We had an extra jug of gas and lots of water.  We were prepared expecting that we could get stuck in traffic for a long time.  (The hype was much worse than it actually was).

We had our glasses, my camera, and experienced the whole thing with our 3 kids.

I have to say, neither words nor photographs can adequately describe what it was like.  I didn’t expect it to be like THAT.  The stages of the eclipse were amazing, but the moment of totality, there is a shift.  Everything became so cool and dusky-dark, but it FELT electrical…  Like the hairs on my arms stood out–powerful.  For two thrilling minutes; everything felt like it was “charged”..  I don’t  know how else to describe the feeling of totality.  Peaceful, magical; and electrical.

The drive home was a lot of fun too; we went through a ghost town and past the wind turbines.  We drove home through the gorge just a short time before the fires were to engulf it.



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