Neowise Comet: Summer 2020

It was about six years ago I began this blog with the very first pictures I took as I was learning manual control on my Nikon dslr. I blogged for awhile and then got busy with the kids’ school. We joined a homeschool charter and I became a “driver” back and forth to school several times a day. It’s not the most sustainable way to do school. Yet, here we are. It seems to be the best for what our needs are, for now.

My main website was on Wix and my blog was here and photo printing for clients on Smugmug. The last couple of days I have been working on bringing back my blog and integrating my main website here rather than Wix. It feels simpler, and a coming back to where I was in my vision as a photographer which has evolved and morphed and still is changing periodically.

So, it was back in 2017 I was blogging clients and adventures. I have a few years to catch up on. The first adventure I feel like going back to was the comet. I went out to see it many times. I loved that whole experience and the places I captured it. So here is a synthesis of those night time outings which includes surprises beyond the comet itself such as going to the wrong location at first and finding a fired scarred forest and free roaming cows near Mt. Adams in Washington. (Pictures are randomly mixed here) These include three locations: The Columbia Gorge, and two sites near Mt. Adams during the first summer of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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