Calf Painting

This summer I am participating in an art group centered on the theme of Growing Food called How We Grow Our Food. I have been feeling inspired by barns and cows lately; so I thought of a dairy theme for my photo painting. It was a lot of work and I learned a lot through the process; and about using perspective when creating a composite.

Here is a visual journey of my process with this painting; as you can see I changed it quite a bit from start to finish; including moving the calf because I learned more about vanishing points and placement and ended up redoing quite a bit of the painting. I am titling it: Time Has Shown Me and it will be in an art show at Elsinore Art Gallery in Salem, Oregon for the month of August. The featured version is edited to look more like it is at night.

The calf’s name is Ginger and I saw her as I was driving out in the country one day; and her sweetness struck me. On another day, I returned and asked permission to photograph her. She lives on a small dairy farm that offers raw milk. The setting is from Dalles Mountain Ranch in Washington.

I have been taking an online course called Beyond the Brushes and learning how to use photoshop brushes/clone painting with a Wacom Tablet that is connected to my laptop and a special pen that I use on the tablet.

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