Holiday Train with Dad

My father and I were able to snag a ticket on the Holiday Train when a time slot opened for last weekend. I am not sure what it is about steam trains. I remember my mother would get very excited to see a train, especially a steam train. I remember her expression of watching excitedly and expectantly. I think my father loves them equally. It was a very special experience and will most likely be one of those moments I remember sharing with my dad years from now. I missed the train the last 2 years. It didn’t run last year due to Covid and it was one of the many disappointments I think many of us have felt, but I was especially appreciative to see it this year after missing it. Have you had some experiences of doing some things you loved this year but missed out on last year?

One thought on “Holiday Train with Dad

  1. Not yet, but hopeful!!! I Iived one block from the railroad tracks and station when I w as growing up. I loved to hear them and ride them to Boston. There isnothing like the sound and feel😮😮

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