New Direction-Fall 2022

I am moving in a different direction with my photography, or perhaps it is a return to a previous path. Last February I started working as an Special Education Instructional Assistant. So, I now have 3 jobs unofficially, or more than that if you are really counting: IA, Photographer, and Parent/caretaker of humans. 😉

I did a couple of portrait session over the summer, but mostly I was spending time with my kids and taking pictures of our adventures. (which I still need to edit) I’ve been thinking about where this leads me with photography as my time is very limited now. Even more than before.

What parts of photography make my heart sing? I ask myself, because right now it needs to feed my soul. The rest of my time I try to be present and of service to other people, and I need my free time to rejuvenate me. I am truly an introvert and I NEED time alone, time to dream, to create, be in nature.

I went on this Lensbaby Photowalk at the beginning of Fall and it gave me an idea and an inspiration. We (a group from that walk) decided to meet up again a couple more times since then and that has further solidified this new intention. It reminded me of just how much I love to let go with photography. Try new things. Keep learning. Expanding what I can do. Photograph what makes my heart sing. Magic. Nature. Love. Light. Colors. Letting go of the world, yet, at the same being so connected to it in the moment-to its details and it is healing for me.

So, here I am, going back to my manual lenses, infrared, and PLAYING! And it does bring me so much joy and I hope it brings others joy too. If it does then it is even more worth it.

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