New Direction-Fall 2022

I am moving in a different direction with my photography, or perhaps it is a return to a previous path. Last February I started working as an Special Education Instructional Assistant. So, I now have 3 jobs unofficially, or more than that if you are really counting: IA, Photographer, and Parent/caretaker of humans. ūüėČ I … Continue reading New Direction-Fall 2022

Perfect Light (April 2017) (Lensbaby edge)

I have been meaning to post these. ¬†It was a rare moment when it was just the three of us. Our older two were out doing something. I forget what now. ¬†Maybe a sleepover. ¬†We decided to take a walk. ¬†Mike and I used to go on a lot of walks together when it was … Continue reading Perfect Light (April 2017) (Lensbaby edge)

Christmas Light Bokeh

    I played with Christmas lights over the course of 3 different sessions with my kids. ¬† Using the lights in different ways, putting tinsel in front of the lens, using creative aperture with Lensbaby double glass optic, taking¬†pictures from outside, looking in, letting the foggy window create foggy images. ¬†It was a lot … Continue reading Christmas Light Bokeh