Aurora On the Columbia Gorge in Oregon (Sept 2023)

My girls and I went on a little adventure out to the gorge in hopes of capturing the Aurora in September 2023. It was slightly visible to the naked eye. The camera on longer exposure is magic in pulling in the colors our eyes have trouble seeing in the dark. I once saw the Aurora … Continue reading Aurora On the Columbia Gorge in Oregon (Sept 2023)

Summer’s Last Adventure (2023)

I took my daughter and one of our dogs camping for one night at Fort Stevens State Park for one last summer adventure and although short, it was remarkably reviving. I rarely regret these adventures. Memories--hearing the rain on the tent when we first arrived, my daughter diverting rainwater stream and shaping it into a … Continue reading Summer’s Last Adventure (2023)

Senior Portrait Session

There is something really special about photographing senior pictures especially those with whom I have known their whole life. This is my nephew. He has done a lot in his eighteen years. He made the bridge you see in the pictures. He bikes, he loves his pets. He is an active daring, very intelligent man … Continue reading Senior Portrait Session

Infrared at Dalles Mtn. Ranch and Hulda Klager Lilac Gardens (April 2021)

Every once in a while I take out my infrared camera: Full spectrum converted Nikon d3200 with IR 720nm filter. I do not do it often enough, but when I do, I feel like I take it just a little bit further than I had before in how I understand how light works and how … Continue reading Infrared at Dalles Mtn. Ranch and Hulda Klager Lilac Gardens (April 2021)

Making Progress: Photoshop Painting

A couple of months ago I started taking a Photoshop Painting Course called Beyond the Brushes. It is a lot of fun and a wonderful challenge. Using a Wacom art pen, and Wacom Tablet, I have learned more control and options with photography. In high school and college I painted with oils. I wasn't really … Continue reading Making Progress: Photoshop Painting