The Ethereal

Magic Happens.  A blend of timing and light.  A feeling.  A moment. Some are lost, but every once in a while, those moments are experienced and there is joy.  Beauty and Love.

History Demolition

It makes me sad that these old building will very soon disappear.  Gasco Building(1913), and Centennial Mill (1910) both built around the same time, both in the process of being demolished.  It seems they could not be saved.  Most physical things disappear eventually.  Everything is vulnerable to the forces of nature, not matter how hard … More History Demolition

Pumpkin Patch

Moments with you, my children Do you see what I see? I see this glow when you play. Ten and Twelve, at the edge of a major shift.  But there is still magic, sometimes. Rare moments.  I feel the force of time stealing this away. Replacing it with something new.  You make conscious choices and are defining … More Pumpkin Patch

Spider in My Window

Yesterday, a spider made a home of our bathroom window.  For two days, we have watched her spin her web, wait, eat little flies.  My daughter has named her “Snapshot.” I have enjoyed photographing her.  Spiders are amazing creatures.  They spin art for a home which provides food and safety; a web that glistens in the sun and … More Spider in My Window