Freelensing Magic

My main camera is at Nikon having recall work done on it.  It has been away for about 3 weeks now, and I miss it, but I am less afraid of damaging my older camera  and have been pushing myself in other ways because of it.  I decided to give freelensing another go.  For those … More Freelensing Magic


Recently,  I worked with a college student model at Sellwood Park. She was a joy to work with.  I think she is fantastic; smart, beautiful, and with a creative vision.  She is also a photographer as well.  

Christmas Light Bokeh

    I played with Christmas lights over the course of 3 different sessions with my kids.   Using the lights in different ways, putting tinsel in front of the lens, using creative aperture with Lensbaby double glass optic, taking pictures from outside, looking in, letting the foggy window create foggy images.  It was a lot … More Christmas Light Bokeh

Snow Flakes

During our short freeze we had a little snow on top of ice and I found some intact snowflakes. I have not yet mastered being able to photograph snowflakes as I would like, yet, for there are so few opportunities to practice, but here is my second attempt.  The first one was last year.  I … More Snow Flakes

Almost Frozen Bubbles

We had a freeze in Portland area which does not happen too often.  I have wanted to try photographing frozen bubbles, so I gave it a try.  They did not exactly fully freeze, before popping, so I want to try this again during the next freeze.  A couple of people asked me for information on … More Almost Frozen Bubbles