Adventures with My Magical Lightbox

Melinda Ruby

Photographer/Artist, Mother, and Paraeducator: Oregon.

I created this blog in 2015 when I started seriously pursuing photography in learning manual camera control; and then so much more. I have had a camera in my hand since I was 11 and remember the days of sending in my rolls of film to Clark Color Labs; excitedly waited to find out what materialized from the film. I think my roots really began from enjoying my father’s slide shows from our family camping trips. Each Christmas he would share our stories for our extended family. I would sit with my cousins attempting to make it as silly as possible.

This blog documents my own photographic journey of outdoor adventures with my camera, my family, creative experimentation, and client galleries.

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Aurora On the Columbia Gorge in Oregon (Sept 2023)
My girls and I went on a little adventure out to the gorge in hopes of capturing the Aurora in …
Summer’s Last Adventure (2023)
I took my daughter and one of our dogs camping for one night at Fort Stevens State Park for one …
Perseids Meteor Shower, MilkyWay, and Stonehenge Memorial
My summer solo trip overnight was Stonehenge Memorial this year. Columbia Gorge Washington side. As much as I love and …
Ancient Forest and Spirits
A couple of weeks ago, I went for a hike in the early morning. I was almost completely alone the …
Searching for Owls and Joy
I love owls. So much. In the Spring, there are flowers to photograph, in the Summer bodies of water and …
New Direction-Fall 2022
I am moving in a different direction with my photography, or perhaps it is a return to a previous path. …
Picking up Strands of My Old Life
Poem by Melinda Ruby
Professional Collages: Corporate Photography
Three years ago (1999), the Milwaukie Police Department asked me to take headshots of their officers and to create a …
Karen and Bob: A Collaborative Business
Milwaukie Oregon Photographer, Business Portraits
Winter Beach Sunset
Milwaukie, Oregon Photographer
Therapeutic Immortalizing
I recently created two photograph digital paintings that mean a lot to me. I took the first picture as a …
Holiday Train with Dad
My father and I were able to snag a ticket on the Holiday Train when a time slot opened for …


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