Lincoln City, Oregon

A couple of weekends ago, we had a getaway coinciding with my son’s fourteenth birthday and Mother’s Day. I love that Mother’s Day often overlaps with my first child’s birthday.  My child who made me a mother in the first place.  My child who isn’t a child anymore, but a teenager! It has been a long … More Lincoln City, Oregon

Slowing Down

I injured my knee.  I dislocated my kneecap and have been healing for the past two weeks.  In order to do that I have had to allow myself to “sit” a lot.  This is not easy because my pattern is to push myself as much as I can, to  fit into my day both giving to my family … More Slowing Down

The Ethereal

Magic Happens.  A blend of timing and light.  A feeling.  A moment. Some are lost, but every once in a while, those moments are experienced and there is joy.  Beauty and Love.