New Direction-Fall 2022

I am moving in a different direction with my photography, or perhaps it is a return to a previous path. Last February I started working as an Special Education Instructional Assistant. So, I now have 3 jobs unofficially, or more than that if you are really counting: IA, Photographer, and Parent/caretaker of humans. ūüėČ I … Continue reading New Direction-Fall 2022

Infrared at Dalles Mtn. Ranch and Hulda Klager Lilac Gardens (April 2021)

Every once in a while I take out my infrared camera: Full spectrum converted Nikon d3200 with IR 720nm filter. I do not do it often enough, but when I do, I feel like I take it just a little bit further than I had before in how I understand how light works and how … Continue reading Infrared at Dalles Mtn. Ranch and Hulda Klager Lilac Gardens (April 2021)

Total Solar Eclipse Weekend

Ok, I am very far behind in my blogging.¬† This was several months ago now, but a very memorable weekend.¬† We stayed with some friends in Bend.¬† We left their home the night before to find a spot where we would experience 2 minutes of totality.¬† The Milky Way was spectacular. We slept in our … Continue reading Total Solar Eclipse Weekend

Family Session at Sunset

This is my dear friend/past co-worker friend's family. ¬† She trained me at my program therapist job fifteen years ago. ¬†She is fighting a battle with a genetic form of lung cancer. ¬†She is one of the strongest people I know. ¬†I wanted so much to capture her with her family; ¬† I feel grateful … Continue reading Family Session at Sunset