Lady of the Lake

Hayley and I planned for two months for this photo shoot.  Finding a location proved to be much harder than I thought.  Who would have thought it would be hard to find a body of water with clear enough water in Oregon that wasn’t also freezing cold or too far for us to meet?  I … More Lady of the Lake

Almost Frozen Bubbles

We had a freeze in Portland area which does not happen too often.  I have wanted to try photographing frozen bubbles, so I gave it a try.  They did not exactly fully freeze, before popping, so I want to try this again during the next freeze.  A couple of people asked me for information on … More Almost Frozen Bubbles


This is my first attempt at underwater photography.  And I am IN LOVE with it.  Everything that makes photography magical.  Light, motion, emotion, surprises.  Pure magic.

Elk Rock Island

There is this island nearby in the Willamette River in Milwaukie/Oak Grove (Oregon)  that is only accessible on foot after a long dry spell when  a land bridge  emerges that allows people to walk across.  It is beautiful and creepy.  I am not sure what it is that makes it feel spooky to me, but … More Elk Rock Island

An Artist’s Life

  I’ve been noticing a shift in the homeless lately.  I have been seeing more and more often women who look clean with signs that that are mothers out of work.  Young people, middle aged, not unkempt.  I see them with cardboard signs and it jolts me, because the line between us is thin.  What places me in … More An Artist’s Life