Using a Prism with Photography

Last month, I was curious what an prism could for my images, so I gave it a whirl. Many images were not so good, but with these, I was pleasantly surprised at what magic can happen when you hold up a prism to light in front of a camera.  Reflections that look like double exposure. … Continue reading Using a Prism with Photography

An Artist’s Life

I've been noticing a shift in the homeless lately.  I have been seeing more and more often women who look clean with signs that that are mothers out of work.  Young people, middle aged, not unkempt.  I see them with cardboard signs and it jolts me, because the line between us is thin.  What places me in a … Continue reading An Artist’s Life

Rowena Crest on the Columbia Gorge

My daughter honored me by eagerly joining me in an adventure. We got up at 4am, scarfed some grape nuts, and set out on an hour and a half drive east along the Columbia Gorge before sunrise.  All in the name of wildflowers. We were not disappointed. We stayed long enough to enjoy the sunrise and … Continue reading Rowena Crest on the Columbia Gorge

Portland, Oregon: Street Photography Part I

I think I will let these images speak for themselves.  A couple of months ago, I joined three other photographer friends in Portland to practice our shooting skills two of whom I had only known through facebook photography groups.  My friend, Martine, I had met 13 years ago in Corvallis, as we were both "expecting" with … Continue reading Portland, Oregon: Street Photography Part I

Raindrops and Maple Leaves

The rains in the Pacific Northwest bring with them a stillness.  Contemplative, peaceful, and melancholy as the last of the leaves say farewell to their season.  The world is going to sleep; into hibernation; into their homes.  The children go inside to read, play legos, do their homework, kill time on screens, and argue inside their confinements. Some urban … Continue reading Raindrops and Maple Leaves

History Demolition

It makes me sad that these old building will very soon disappear.  Gasco Building(1913), and Centennial Mill (1910) both built around the same time, both in the process of being demolished.  It seems they could not be saved.  Most physical things disappear eventually.  Everything is vulnerable to the forces of nature, not matter how hard … Continue reading History Demolition